As more and more small to medium-sized companies are discovering, broadband is opening up new opportunities for businesses. It enables companies to take advantage of technologies that enable them to grow, become more efficient, streamline work processes, compete directly with much larger organisations, gain access to new markets and generate significant cost benefits.

Broadband Internet is a super-fast Internet connection which is up to 40 times faster than a standard modem and it's on 24 hours a day, for a flat monthly fee. It can be accessed through telephone lines, cable networks, satellite and wireless links and operates much like a dial-up connection, but much faster and with less fuss.

Business Networks

Your staff, suppliers and business customers rely on a modern telecoms infrastructure. In particular, fast and uncomplicated access to the Internet, email and corporate networks are increasingly in demand. The future is a wireless LAN (Local Area Network) with no plugs and cables - giving the flexibility and service that both you and your customers deserve. Whether it's a local wireless network, a wide area network or a virtual private network between your offices or hotels then ZyNet can help you.

Public and Community Broadband Access Systems

We can provide custom solutions for public broadband wireless access areas from small cafes and hotels to multi site buildings to rural remote areas. A central broadband feed is shared via one or more access points to form an internal or an external space with Internet and network connectivity. A single wireless access point can be accessed typically up to 100m within a building and up to 1500m line of sight in the open air. Use of additional access points or specialist antennae can extend this range over much larger distances up to several miles.

We provide a full custom installation service for public broadband access services. We will undertake a site survey of your premises or local area and then provide a detailed quotation. Installation will typically take 3-4 weeks from order. Please contact us for more information.


Building to building (point to point) wireless networking is a cost effective and secure solution when traditional cable is not an option or just very expensive. A wireless solution is ideal for many organisations such as Colleges, Universities, Councils, large organisations and smaller operations looking for a cost effective solution to linking LANs. Benefits include a quick deployment, cost savings, security and your hardware becomes an asset as opposed to paying for a leased line that you never own.

ZyNet can analyse your needs and provide the most appropriate solution to suit your current and future operations.


ZyNet have a vast experience in the design and installation of security and network infrastructure. We strongly recommend the installation of a firewall to protect your computers from malicious intrusion.

IT infrastructures changes frequently and the best planned systems will degrade over time with ad hoc upgrades, replacements, loss of speed, etc. so ZyNet can help by performing an IT audit. ZyNet can also provide consultancy to advise on suitable systems for your current or future needs.


Ten years ago, it was unusual to find even a single PC in the average home, but now two or even three are not uncommon. With the emergence of the Internet and the need to connect them all together there is a great demand for Home Networking.

The advantages of this are that your computers can share central resources - a printer and an internet connection, for instance. It's especially useful if one of your machines is a laptop computer as you can use it on the sofa, in the spare room, in bed and even in the garden.

You can also pass documents between computers and play multi-user games. The future promises integration with non-computer devices like TVs and burglar alarms, too. So, instead of running cables throughout your house and connecting the machines, a more elegant and flexible solution is to let your PCs broadcast their information to one another using radio signals, ie. a wireless network.