Hosting on shared servers

If your web site is ready to be published, we can provide the necessary hosting facilities on our servers to ensure your customers have fast, reliable access to your web site. We offer the option of a secure server if you wish to use on-line shopping facilities and ecommerce. With our flexible approach, we can easily increase the amount of space and bandwidth to accommodate your growing business. We can easily transfer websites hosted by other ISPs onto our servers so that you can start to benefit from the high level of customer service that ZyNet offer our customers.

Co-location and dedicated servers

For whatever reason you may want your site on your own server or one of our servers dedicated to your web site. We can offer our facilities such as the high bandwidth connection under constant review, air conditioned server room with Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and 24 hour fault alarm, not to mention the wide knowledge of our technical support team which comes as standard.