Benefits of Broadband

UK businesses have come to value the Internet as a business tool. A broadband connection will help you to do much more with the time you spend online.

The benefits of broadband are speed and convenience. A wireless broadband connection can carry over ten times more information than a narrowband (dial-up) connection.

With broadband there's no need to dial up and wait for your modem to establish a connection. Simply launch your browser and/or e-mail software and you're online.

For small and home offices, a broadband service has the added benefit of allowing use of the Internet and the phone simultaneously and, if PCs are networked via a router or a wireless network, to allow more than one PC to share the connection.

If your business needs to access web pages instantly or receive real-time news reports or financial bulletins, send and receive large e-mail attachments or have fast access to a hosted web server or a hosted back-up or e-commerce service, then a broadband connection is essential.

The Business Case for Broadband

Using broadband opens the door to a range of fast-developing business and communications tools.