The world is getting Broadband... the fast, always-on Internet connection. It enables you and your visitors to be more efficient and communicate more effectively with customers, partners and suppliers. You and your visitors can view web content up to 10 times faster than before. Less time is spent downloading files and emails which means work can be turned around more quickly.

The world is going wireless… for greater flexibility and mobility. No longer are people tied to a computer at a desk. With this new freedom comes the ability to work from any place where there is a fast, always on Internet connection. This opens up the opportunity for businesses to benefit from more guests/customers and increased revenues.

Fairly soon you will be deemed a second-class establishment if you are not able to offer the benefits of Broadband and wireless connectivity - but don't worry ZyNet can help you to understand and utilise the technology.

Wireless hotspots have become popular in towns and cities across the UK, allowing users to connect to the Internet via their laptops or PDAs in hotels, airports, pubs, cafes and other public areas. The growth of the number of hotspots is phenomenal with some hotel, café and restaurant chains now providing free broadband Internet connections to their guests as an extra feature.

The ZyNet wireless hotspot solutions are for businesses who want to provide secure and reliable high speed Internet access to their customers on-the-go. Hotspots solutions are available to enable a business to provide the Internet connection free or with a charge to its clients.

Hotspots are ideal for conference centres, cafes, restaurants, lounges, reception areas, hotels, marinas, sports clubs, tourist attractions, and any other public place.